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The strange story of the Creative Sheffield Beard

The Creative Sheffield Beard

The strange story of the Creative Sheffield Beard

So, just what is the strange story of the Creative Sheffield Beard?

Over the past few months we have, almost out of nowhere, been inundated with new clients and additional work. In the process we have picked up some well known local companies and charities, one or two large companies from further afield and finished our first project for the largest company in the world at what it does.

This has all come as a bit of a surprise, a welcome surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

It set us thinking, why now, what have we been doing differently?

Is it our creativity, our competitive pricing structure, our willingness to go that extra mile for all our customers, or the friendly, relaxed, helpful way we do what we do?

It could be any or all of the above, but we have a feeling it may be “The Beard”, let me explain further…

Around the time the influx of new clients began, I decided to grow a beard, of sorts, and I am starting to think it could be the cause of our recent success. Could it be “The Beard” gives off an air of creative authority, are people saying, “hey, that guy with the beard, I would like to bet he really knows his stuff when it comes to creative graphic and web design – let’s give Brightstar a chance”.

It has now got to the stage where I am afraid to remove it (just in case), could my beard be the equivalent of Samson’s hair, if so that scares me a little as we all know what happened to him!

I am seriously considering asking all staff members to grow beard’s, after all if it works for me it could work for them and with my business head on all I can see is lots and lots of new work.

In an effort to convince the team I spent some of my own time creating these life like mock-up’s, to show them just what they are missing – behold The Power of the Creative Beard!

creative sheffield beard





Mmmmmm – maybe not?

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