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Sheffield Whippets – Designer Dogs?

Sheffield Whippets - Designer Dogs?

Sheffield Whippets – Designer Dogs?

Why, I hear you ask, are we talking about Sheffield Whippets?

The answer is twofold, firstly our creative director (Darren), has recently bought a beautiful solid blue whippet named Jolly Quick Indigo Firestar (did you notice the star reference) or Harley to his friends, at the time of writing he is 5 months old and just going through the giddy stage, wants to lick everyone he meets and boy is he quick.

Asked about his reasoning for his “Dog Choice” we prepared ourselves for a potentially “interesting” answer and I think its fair to say we got one, read on…

Darren replied, “I decided on a Whippet partly due to their pleasant nature but I also wanted a dog a “creative” could be seen out and about with, they have lovely sleek lines and a very distinctive silhouette, they are a shape I would design if I had to design a dog (we can’t help thinking Darren is taking this design lark a little too far).

I also had very specific colour requirements, I searched for quite a while to find a solid blue male (pantone colour matching apparently isn’t available for dogs), and we eventually found a very good whippet breeder in Halifax who had a litter which included one boy and one girl in solid blue.

The girl, little Harley’s sister, is now in Canada so needless to say Harley is hoping for a trip over there to see her very soon, it would of course be very rude for me not to accompany him.”

Our full size office based brass whippet (Newton) is a little less trouble than Harley, he eats less, doesn’t need a walk and is a little less vocal but he isn’t blue, but it does mean we currently have 2 Sheffield Whippets (of sorts)!

What of the second reason for an item on Sheffield Whippets?, well lets just say that’s a little experiment to help us, to help our clients (ask us about it sometime).