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Sheffield Christmas

Sheffield Christmas

Sheffield Christmas

Sheffield Christmas brought to you by the Sheffield Designers

A very merry Sheffield Christmas to all our current and future customers. We have had the pleasure of helping lots of companies both large and small to market their services through design, print and web.

We’ve worked with larger companies such as Outo Kumpu – the largest producer of stainless steel in the world. CF Booth – currently in the top 25 companies in terms of turnover in the region and Dunlop Heywood with offices around the country and the world.

We’ve also worked with funky companies such as The Leadmill, The Leeds Arts Centre, Naturally Cool Kids and The Sheffield Antiques Quarter.

And we’ve worked to help lots and lots of exciting new start ups take their first steps.

We also started our “Fellow Sheffield Creatives,” feature and have had 2 excellent artists and a fantastic musician so far – our latest creative will be unveiled in the new year and as always will be found on our home page.

The other big feature of 2013 was our move a few months ago into our larger, grander office, we have settled in very quickly and there’s even enough space for another designer or two if growth continues into 2014.

We also have a new bookkeeper (Sharona), who will be transforming our slightly dated accounting system into a smooth running, efficient system making sure our valued customers have up  to date information at all times.

We are also in the process of re designing and rebuilding from scratch our dedicated print site and following that our dedicated web design site, using a dynamic platform which will allow for a better customer experience along with improved rankings, the result… more work!

We hope you all get whatever you are wishing for this special Sheffield Christmas and hope you have a very prosperous new year.