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Sheffield Cancer Research Centre

Sheffield Cancer Research Centre

Sheffield Cancer Research Centre

We were delighted to be asked to create the branding for the Sheffield Cancer Research Centre. We have been working on the logo over the past month and we are currently fine tuning the final version.

The final logo design has now been chosen and we are now giving the client a number of colour options.

Colour schemes can make a big difference to how a brand, and the organisation it represents, is perceived, to make sure we “get it right,” we are currently running a wide range of colour schemes past the people that make the decisions, after all they have to be 100% happy that the final solution is the best one for their particular needs.

The highly respected research centre brings together world-class scientists, doctors and nurses in Yorkshire to push forward advances in cancer treatment faster than ever before.

The Sheffield Cancer Research Centre is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research, the University of Sheffield, and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

We hope our final branding will reflect the professionalism and dedication of the centre and all its amazing staff.

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