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Goo Design Sheffield ArtistIt’s a bright new year and with 2014 arrives our latest Fellow Sheffield Creative feature, Goo Design owner Matt Cockayne.

We always find it  interesting how different people respond to our gentle delving and which of the questions they give more relevance to, Matt’s replies show an ingrained passion for Sheffield and some of it’s more iconic products and places.

Sheffield flavoured art at its very best.

1. Who or what inspired you to do what you do?
Matt: I have been working in the print and design industry for some years and wanted to try something new. Artwork for home was my first step but couldn’t find anything that I really wanted and thought I could do a better job so I gave it a go.


2. Were you self taught or formally educated and who has influenced your work the most?
Matt: Not really formally educated, I never did the uni thing I went to castle college to study Signwriting and graphics which I liked and completed the course in 2002. From there I worked for Beech signs for a while and various printers around Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield. I would say work experience has been my most valued lesson. The people around me are the people that influence my work the most and the buildings, I couldn’t do it if they didn’t exist.

3. How did your current style develop and how do you see it developing in the future?
Matt: To be honest I don’t have any structure to my work I have an idea write it down and when I get down to it I sit at my mac and just crack on. It doesn’t always go to plan but patience is a virtue and I get there in the end. It probably is a sloppy way of working but it works for me and I wouldn’t work any other way “that’s my style” I develop it as I go along.

4. What influence has living in Sheffield had on your creativity and how you approach your work?
Matt: It’s shaped everything I do it is my biggest influence. I moved away and I miss it so every time I am in my own town I feel at home. The main thing is for me to capture the right place with a bit of meaning to it, for instance the Egg Box building all though it no longer stands I’d rather draw that than Derwent House, what nostalgic feeling is that place ever going to create. Nobody will ever have a nice memory of going to pay their council tax but the Egg Box was quirky so it’s worth drawing, I’d say the local people love a bit of that…I do.


the steel city by goo design


5. What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?
Matt: Belonging somewhere.

6. What piece of your own work gives you the most satisfaction and why?
Matt: No particular piece I have satisfaction when it’s complete then I move on.

7. If you could lay claim to one piece of creative work in any area what would it be and why?
Matt: Nowt, to be fair I don’t really dwell on other peoples creations.

8. Does music have any influence on your work and what is the most played song on your iPod?
Matt: iPod? What’s one of those I’m still rocking a Walkman!

9. When a client approaches you for a commission, how do you approach the work?
Matt: With 100% devotion and respect to the client, I like to know a little about them… like what their into, pastimes, hobbies, family, work you know the things that are important to a person. I did a commission for a chef and he liked Wednesday, pies and relish and he had kids so that’s what I incorporated into the piece. He shared it on twitter it went mental I ended up doing all his mates artwork.

10. What advice would you give a fellow aspiring artist who was wanting to break through to the next level?
Matt: Work hard, get to know people, network and don’t let anyone put you down. My art teacher at school told me I wouldn’t be good enough to achieve my goals… The silly sausage!

kes by goo design

sheffield allsorts by goo designmen of steel by goo design


Want to find out a little more about Matt and Goo Design Sheffield Artist? Here are links to Matt’s site and Social Media links – It’s all good stuff! Matt has an on-going exhibition at The University Arms and his exhibition at the Showroom Cinema starts on the 20th of January so you can see his work up close and personal.


Goo Design Sheffield Artist




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