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Emma Fitzgerald Sheffield Artist

Emma Fitzgerald

Emma Fitzgerald Sheffield Artist

Emma Fitzgerald Sheffield Artist… It’s been a while (we’ve been busy) but we are now happy to promote our latest “fellow creative” read on…

We really like Emma’s style of work – very creative, very imaginative and could be used commercially for a wide range of end uses – album cover, wall art, retail packaging etc. So who is Emma and what are her thoughts on the world of creativity, let’s find out shall we…

1. Who or what inspired you to do what you do?

Emma: I always liked making and drawing as a child and I guess I just continued to want to do it.

I’m inspired by lots of different illustrators and artists all of the time, such as Alan Fletcher’s awesome collages and design; Lisa Congdon’s collections and artworks; Sara Fanelli’s collage children’s illustrations; Muybridge’s early moving imagery.

I love seeing exciting new illustrations that are being created all the time. A few current favourites are David Litchfield, Sarah Tanat-Jones, Marcus Butt, and Neil Stevens. Books I read tend to give me lots of ideas – Gabriel Garcia Marquez being a favourite.

2. Were you self-taught or formally educated and who has influenced your work the most?

Emma: I have a degree in illustration but even so I think most illustrators explore what they find interesting and you have to teach yourself a lot of new techniques and skills.

At uni I first experimented with animation in a little cupboard of a room with a camera and some collage materials. Uni was a great place to share ideas, and I had some great tutors, such as award-winning illustrator Andrew Baker and illustration/animation/interactive theatre maverick, Paul Baker of 1927.

I went to uni with some awesome talented people, such as Ornamental Conifer and Cristian Ortiz, and it’s inspiring to see what they are creating now in the grown-up world.

Emma Fitzgerald 33. How did your current style develop and how do you see it developing in the future?

Emma: I like making things in lots of different ways. I developed a collage style at uni which I then used further in my animations. This is great but I missed making a mess and using a pencil a bit.

I have more recently rekindled my love of a pen and have enjoying creating hand-drawn images and trying out more printmaking. In the future I suppose all illustrations will be created by creative robots so I’ll help make tea for the robots if needed.

4. What influence has living in Sheffield had on your creativity and how you approach your work?

Emma: I decided to leave London for many reasons. London is now a very difficult place to survive unless you are the king. Living in Sheffield is great for a million reasons but I will try to keep it to a few: I have time to think, draw, make, explore.

I have recently started attending life drawing classes again to develop my drawing further. I need less money to survive, which means less ‘work’, more make! There is a great community feel to Sheffield – people have been very friendly and welcoming and I have enjoyed meeting new people with different creative skills and interests – from singing to drawing.

5. What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

Emma: One of the things I love most about Sheffield is being able to go for a walk in the hills and see actual nature quite easily. There are some wonderful places to visit and walk for hours. My favourite place is probably Edale, walking the Pennine Way. It has beautiful varied scenery – I recommend a visit!

6. What piece of your own work gives you the most satisfaction and why?

Emma: One of my favourite ever pieces that I have made is ‘Innumerable Wandering Balloons’. It was exactly what I had in mind when I read the book.

7. If you could lay claim to one piece of creative work in any area what would it be and why?

Emma: I’m finding it hard to think of all the works I have ever seen and loved. I often see things and wished I’d made them, or knew how to make them. I’d probably be very proud if I had created ‘The Snail’ by Matisse.

8. Does music have any influence on your work and what is the most played song on your iPod?

Emma: I actually listen to very lame music on the radio when working – I love old bangers you can vaguely hum along to. At the moment, my go-to actual albums are ‘Born in the USA’ by Bruce Springsteen and ‘Lost in a Dream’ by The War on Drugs.

9. When a client approaches you for a commission, how do you approach the work?

Emma: That would depend on what they wanted! A bit of research at first usually, lots of reference gathering.

10. What advice would you give a fellow aspiring artist who was wanting to break through to the next level?

Emma: It’s probably going to be hard. Is that advice? Erm, keep drawing and remember to sleep.

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Want to find out a little more about Emma?

Here are links to Emma’s site and Social Media links. We like it – hope you do too!

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