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As the wonderfully creative Mr David Bowie once sang Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

Well, down at Brightstar HQ they are coming but they ain’t happening in 1984 (see what we did there), more like 2016, June 2016 to be precise.

We can’t really go in to too much detail, in fact we can’t go into any detail what so ever, so all in all, this may very well be a pretty useless news item from your point of view but we have been busy planning for the last 12 months and are finding it very, very hard to contain our excitement.

The changes will be wide ranging and cover almost every aspect of “our being”, it’s all very exciting stuff and we look forward to having each and every one of you along for the ride (and we promise any bumpy parts will be well and truly “ironed out” before you jump on board).

We may or may not feel the need to share the odd glimpse into what we are planning, so if you are an “interested party” please check back, but it’s no use you picking the phone up and trying to quiz any of our team members, they are all sworn to secrecy.

*Note: This news item was written before the sad death of David Bowie*



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