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Alfa Romeo Sheffield

Alfa Romeo Sheffield - a motoring design classic for a design expert.

Alfa Romeo Sheffield

Alfa Romeo Sheffield – the Spider 916, a motoring design classic for a design expert.

Our creative director has just treated himself to a true motoring design classic (strictly for weekend use you understand), a beautiful silver Alfa Romeo Spider.

Any one who knows Darren will know he tends to change his cars quite often and in the last 2 years has had a Alfa Romeo Brera which was changed around a year ago for a Mercedes C Class Sport which was subsequently changed only a few months ago for a BMW M Sport X Drive (just in case we have a little snow).

To counter balance the threat of snow he decided in September to buy a “Weekend Cabriolet” (just in case we have a little sun).

The Alfa Romeo Spider 916 designed by Pininfarina is considered by many to be a design classic and future collectors car and Darren has already started tinkering with it (not in a mechanical way, he wouldn’t know where to start).

Darren commented: “The 916 spiders ceased production in 2006 but I wanted an early one, I searched around for a while and came across a 14 year old phase 2 with low mileage and in very good condition, I am now busy spending my hard earned money to get it to look as original as possible.”

Out of the many cars I have owned this is my 6th Alfa and although I love my latest daytime car, I still had a longing for another Alfa – now I have something to play with at the weekends and my Alfa passion is in tact (I’ve even got my old Alfa mug out at work).

As Jeremy Clarkson once said, “You can’t consider your self a true petrol head until you have owned an Alfa.”